Public Speaking Classes for Kids

Give your child great public speaking skills necessary to seize opportunities for life


The ability to speak in public confidently and charismatically is a great skill to develop in your young one. As one of the valuable soft skills in our world today, getting your child started early on public speaking will set him or her apart and give him or her a great head-start in life.

Our public speaking classes for school aged youngsters are aimed at equipping your child with consistent, current and relevant public speaking skills that builds their confidence. The courses are available for children between ages 8 and 18. The classes are tailor-made for your children’s needs.

Our goal is to transform your child into an excellent communicator.

What our classes can do for your child

By enrolling your child into one of our classes, you will enable your child to:

  • Build confidence and conquer stage anxiety
  • Grow, transform and expand horizons
  • Learn to take advantage of opportunities presented in life
  • Step out of the comfort zone
  • Be composed in the spotlight

You child will also learn valuable skills to:

  • Master oral examinations
  • Give impromptu and persuasive speeches
  • Assess own strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognize and develop own style

Perfect for all school going children, both beginners and confident speakers, the classes are designed to ensure your child has constant and consistent opportunities to develop their public speaking skills.

The classes are run by a qualified team of public speaking trainers who are passionate in what they do. They are committed to providing your child with the best platform to develop their skills and grow.


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